Speed Reading Exercise – Amazing Fast Reading Methods

We acquire the skill of reading at primary stage of our life. However, reading is done by every person around; reading with a good speed is not the cup of tea for everyone. Fast reading can be attained by practice and patience. If you are also looking forward to acquiring the skill of “how to read faster then you have landed at the right page.

Before we go ahead to acquire the skill of reading faster, we need to understand that why we need to increase the speed of our reading:

Speed Reading Exercise

  • Learning how to read faster significantly helps in improving our memory power. It is stated that brain should implied to a lot of practices because the more we use it, the sharper and the stronger it gets. Therefore, reading at a fast pace will help us in reading and retaining the information in a better way.
  • Learning speed reading can improve the concentration power. With constant beeps of mobile phones and tweaks from social media handles, it becomes difficult to stay focussed on one task for a long time. Therefore, it is good to read at a fast speed for a long period of time. It helps in improving your focus on one task at hand for a longer duration.
  • Fast reading saves your time of going through redundant information while reading. Your mind can segregate less useful information from the important one when you read at a faster pace. It saves your time and efforts and brings out maximum outputs from the work at hand.

Now let us learn the methods of “how to read faster”:

  1. Preview what you read:

This exercise is going to tune your mind into reading the text. When you are about to read something complicated, it is more essential to preview the text as on- who wrote it? What are the contents? Etc.

This practice will take a few seconds but will help you in thinking on the pattern of write up and your mind will be able to frame the sentences at a faster pace and thus leading to increased reading speed.

  1. Track your time while reading:

There are a lot of online tools available to aid in increasing the reading speed. You can seek help from Google on how to read faster. You will get a lot of free and paid online software that will help you in tracking your speed. Take up some comprehensive tests. Start with freely available tests first and if you feel the need, then you can opt for some paid subscriptions. After getting done through these tests, analyse your performance use personal stop watch to practice for better.

  1. Skip the common words:

When you are looking forward to increase the speed of your reading you can always ignore or jump from the small and common words that are used time and again. For example auxiliary verbs such as “is, am, are, going to, you, I, may have” etc.  This process may be termed as skimming. Skimming is a great tool to get to the practice of how to read faster. You get the idea of the overall text and unnecessary structure of the sentence formation gets ignored in such reading practice.

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