Professional Instructors Know the Right Methods of Teaching Torah

There’s a common saying that all of us have heard of- A picture’s worth a thousand words. Now, if this holds true, then one must seriously think of the value of the original item contained in the picture itself. Sight is considered to be the strongest of all the five senses that one holds and according to the pedagogic teaching methods, the best means of teaching someone about something is by showing it in full details. Although considered by most of the experts and geniuses to be so, the Torah is not just a mere text book. Rather it is a code book of rules that guides one how to live a disciplined life. There are several practices like wearing a Tefillin or the Tzizit apart from some other special commandments. In fact, most of the major practices that the Torah law is based upon are mere physical things and it requires sight to know what it is all about.

Ronald Safdieh, one of the instructors of Torah discusses of the keen Talmudic students who’re ready to become a Rabbi. While he needs to work out on some of the serious issues like learning the rules about the meat and the milk, it is not possible form him to ascertain it in practice if not shown in real terms. Eating the meat is a great concern for the Jewish religion and if one is not aware of all the rules of slaughtering it, and milk spilled on, then that’s breaking the law and is a miserable sin. A student might be a learned Jewish scholar who has the knowledge of all the intricate laws, but without being aware of the practices, all the knowledge holds no value.


Even the experts accept the fact that there’s a lack of qualified instructors like Ronald Safdieh who can teach these things on a practical level. The only means of learning the Torah is done via a Talmud page where the student learns and attains the qualification by just regurgitating the materials off by heart. But life is all about seeing, knowing and doing how the things work. Just going through some of the pages of a text book won’t help in dealing with life.

For the Jewish families to bear the learnings of the Torah into their children, it is quintessential to develop the practice right from their childhood. By Judaic it doesn’t mean just the products that represent it like the Kiddush cups or the Sedar plates. To excite the children about the religion, it is necessary to set their very lifestyle within the religion itself. There are multiple books available that would excite them and help them to increase their interest in the religion.

Ronald Safdieh believes that some religious jargons won’t help in making these kids aware of the laws of Torah, because only knowing them off by heart won’t help. Rather, the children should start living within the religion. To them the viability of these laws should reach in form of stories so that it remains intact in their memory. Getting them accustomed with the Judaic wardrobe would also help them to be accustomed with the practices.

Torah is life and the Jewish people learn to live this life and must cleave to it. It is the fitting Torah instructors like Safdieh who can actually internalize these concepts and share it to the entire community. Mere theoretical concepts would be tough enough to grasp, rather the five senses must get involved in the learning process to know how it works.

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