Connection Between Brain and Memory

The memories are an invincible part of human life. Memories are considered to be collected in our brain. They are created and deleted from time to time.

But how does our brain creates and destroys the memories? What part of the brain controls memory?

Brain is compared to computer as both of them process information and have a memory stack. However, the brain does not contain USB slots just like computer where the information can be picked up and stored easily. In our mind, there is a natural procession of memories which needs to be understood.

So again we stand at the same question- What part of the brain controls memory? But does it matter if we define it’s the left side or the right side of the brain that controls memories? We do not think so! We do not need to learn the name of the parts of brain to learn about its functioning, we need to learn the patterns and methodologies.

Connection Between Brain and Memory

First of all, we need to understand that memory is not a whole object that can be stored in any part of brain. It is a form of recall. It covers a lot of recollections which are amazingly distinct from each other. Every human being has different abilities to recall and recollect their memories.

Memories are divided in 2 tasks:

  • Short term memory
  • Long term memory

Let us understand their functionality here.

Short term memory:

When we are able to recollect something for not more than a few minutes, it is called short term memory. For example, you keep the milk for a boil on gas and forget as soon as you turn your back towards it. It is called missing upon short term memory. Things that have happened recently are memorized and retained.

In computer systems, short term memory can be referred to RAM. RAM- Random Access Memory contains the memory that we are currently working upon. For example, when you type on your system, RAM starts saving it automatically. Similarly, when you are talking to someone, the information gets stored in the form of short term memory. We generally remember the details in short term memory of recent occurrences.

Long term memory:

These are the memories that are stored in the mind for longer durations. As we are comparing our mind with the computer, long term memory can be related to the hard drive. The hard drive keeps our data saved even when we shut down the system. Similarly in our mind long term memories are present and stored as data which can be recalled even after longer durations. When people ask us what part of the brain controls memory we tell them that it is not only just one part that contains memories but several parts of brain that control it. There are a lot of complexities in our mind that create several storages for memories. Technical terms such as neocortex can be used to predefine the scientific storage patterns. However, we wanted to impart the type of memories and the capacity of our mind that can store countless memories for years and years.

There is a deep found connection among the memories and brain. Explicit memories and implicit memories form a part of our habits, skills and intentions with passage of time.

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